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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

One to One with David Headley

During the workshop by Julie Cohen I had my second one to one with an agent, David Headley.


David studied theology in London and Durham before co-founding and becoming the Managing Director of Goldsboro Books, a much admired independent bookseller, based in central London.

David has spent the last 14 years establishing Goldsboro Books and building good relationships with editors within the UK's major publishing houses. He has gained a reputation for championing debut authors and he created the UK's largest collectors' book club and is influential in selling large quantities of hardback fiction in the UK.

David is actively looking for new writers across the board, both general and genre fiction (excluding young adult, children’s, poetry, plays, screenplays and short stories). David is particularly interested in well written novels with strong characters and an original narrative voice.

I had heard from a friend that he had been very harsh on her writing, so I have to admit I was scared.  I had submitted three chapters of HYBRID and was ready to receive a grilling.

But, again it did not happen! I know, shock...

David mainly asked why I had choosen to go down the Self Publishing route, he did not understand the reasoning.  And then added that my writing was sound and very good, it just wasn't what he was looking for at the moment.  The fact it was kind of Young Adult was also an issue.

So, no slating, no critique, just a simple... not for me.

Might I add this is the problem for any debut novelist (I think)

QUESTION: How do you find the right agent for your writing and style?
ANSWER: Impossible... LOL

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