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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


People don't say what they do, they show... SHOW DON'T TELL

E.g. Pride & Prejudice - Austen uses great control, Lolita

Narrators can be unusual, sympathetic or unreliable.  They are the window into another world.

Sam gave us an exercise... Have to see Sleeping Beauty from a different point of view, choose an unusual narrator.  This is what I wrote...

I had a thumping headache after my restless night.  Someday, I would find a nicer home, a quieter one.  The owl had finally shut up as the sun rose and I was stretching out my wings when I heard the most God auful moise.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared me for the carnage.

Branches flew into the air, flowers shrieked in pain, birds scattered in all directions.  Everyone fled.  No-one remained.  No-one except me.

Frozen on the spot, I watched in absolute fear.  what was this beast, this evil, that came towards us?  What could want to get through so badly?  My eyes followed the debris, transfixed, as it passed under me and made its way to the castle.  And then I realised, the castle...My lady.  I would not let anyone harm my beautiful lady.  I had watched over her since birth.

I leapt into action, and hovered over the scene.  I didn't know how to save her, but I would do my best all the same.  I would save her.  I would find a way.  My body shuddered as I realised what I was about to commit to.  I could not figure out how someone of my stature could beat such a beast.  A giant.

The giant progressed.

In the entrance, up the stairs, down the corridor.  I searched all round for a weapon, I needed a weapon.

This excerpt (in case you did not guess) was written from the point of view of a bird...

We discussed many other issues, which I did not write extensive notes on.

Some of the things that came up included...

Literary Fiction - Books that stand the test of time

Conflict - Drive

Romantic comedy - The Beautiful & the Damned (characters tend to be more pessimistic. They don't resolve the problem).

Hawthorne - Explore different crimes & murders

It was great to just chat about different ideas and styles... and this concluded my workshop experience! It was time to get my bags and go... My summary post will follow shortly!

Thanks for reading,
Vanessa :) xx

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