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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


I briefly attending The Art of the... Pause with Harry Bingham but had to dash out quickly for my Book Doctor appointment with Sam Mills.  So, I can't really say too much about it, other than - feel free to pause...

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Sam was lovely... and had a hand written sheet with notes! Amazing... but again, it was all good! This was her feedback.


The idea is imaginative. I am glad you have created something a bit different from the usual paranormal romacne - but you need to make sure the concept isn't just vampires awith a different name attached to them.

The Evolution Trilogy isn't, so she was happy with the concept...


Yes, the writing has pace and energy and I found it compelling.  Occasionally, there are cliches, however "she resembles a rabbit caught in headlights" - try to think up a fresher image.

This was removed from HYBRID, and I have avoided cliches in my writing now...


The prologue is gripping and dramatic.  I enjoyed the characters.  I liked the way that each character is clearly defined, though you could still build Caitlin up with a few more details here and there e.g. why doesn't Julia like what Caitlin is wearing?

I explained that Caitlin is further described through the eyes of my main character, Steven, when he appears on the scene - again she was happy with this.


I did enjoy reading this - just take care to make sure this stand out from the crowd and is different from Twilight.

Most of my readers have found the idea for The Evolution Trilogy to be unique and different from Twilight... read the reviews for Hybrid & Complications!



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