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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Saturday - Jojo Moyes Key address

I have to say that I was very excited about meeting Jojo Moyes.  I had just read Me Before You and thought it was amazing...if extremely sad at the end.

Jojo was an incredible speaker... inspiring really. 

She told us how she had toiled over the years to find a publisher.  She wrote four books that were not up to the right standard (when asked she said she would not publish them now anyway...they weren't good enough - I am on the fence about this, I bet they were).  She had an agent and they did push for publication but it was only with the fifth they got lucky.

Eight books later things did not seem to be going so well... so she wrote Me Before You and moved with Penguin books.  No-one thought the book would be a hit, but it was a HUGE success and she was back in the game.  Apparently, if supermarkets agree to have your books you are back in the running.  The Richard & Judy show also selected it, so again it all helps.

She explained how difficult it is to get motivated when you are convinced your book is no good, she talked of the dip moment... we all know this as writers, right? The this is rubbish moment... lol and how you have to see through the hump, perservere and finish.  How many of you start to write a book but don't finish? You got to see it through to the end.

Another tip was something called "The Kick the Dog Test"

If you saw someone kicking a dog what would you do? Visualise different characters, give them a reaction, build a picture of them in your heads.  Its a start.

What do your characters do when put in extreme circumstances?

What? Who? Tastes?  Use all the senses... BRAINSTORM

Also, don't describe something that can be kept simple... (give readers some credit...lol)

After the talk there were a few questions and then we had a break.

I managed to catch Jojo later on and bought her new book, The girl who was left behind, which she signed - so chuffed! I loved this and have reviewed it on my blog, A Readers Perspective (http://vanessawester.blogspot.com)

She also took the time to explain the ending to Me Before You which had left me slightly unsatisfied.  I won't say what she said... I still have to review it... but it was great to understand.

A brilliant author that made the weekend extra special...

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  1. I saw JoJo Moyes speak as well and I thought she was amazing - just the right amount of humble and inspiring...