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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Friday - Literary Night Live

Sorry for the delay with the next posts but I have been exceptionally busy recently editing my second book.  It is now away with readers so time will tell what the intial feedback will be like.

Anyway, Friday was "Literary Night Live" - I managed to sit with a group of lovely people and was very lucky to be in great company.

The premise of the evening was to hear 500 words from each selected entrants.  Then a panel of three judges gave their opinion and at the end the audience voted by a show of hands.

I met Anne Corlett that night, a fantastic writer and great friend on the entire weekend.  I hope we keep in touch.  She was one of the lucky few to get her writing selected.  She had to read it out loud in front of the entire gathering.  She was very brave and did a great job.  She did not win but it was a very tight contest and she did herself proud.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for her to find an agent...

It was an enjoyable night but I do admit that the agents and publishers were not all around.  Perhaps they'd had enough already!  I did get chatting to a very nice publisher and an agent Sallyanne Sweeney (Watson, Little Ltd.), whose picture I had seen before.

I did not get drunk - sorry! No stories of debauchery I'm afraid... lol!

I went back to my room and felt like a student again... four lonely walls!  Strange but, because I could, I read a book until past midnight... no kids! Freedom...

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